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You’ve been struggling to conceive, which means it’s time to speak up and reach out to a fertility specialist (or reproductive endocrinologist). They’ll help you figure out what’s going on and what steps to take next—so you can find answers and tackle your fertility challenges.

When should you see a fertility specialist?

Younger than 35

having unprotected sex for 1 year

35 and Older

having unprotected sex for 6 months

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Here’s what to look for in your fertility specialist & clinic

Board certification

Make sure your fertility specialist is board-certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Size of clinic

Think about whether you’re comfortable being attended to by multiple doctors, or if you’d prefer to work with just one.


Ask whether your fertility specialist will be available to answer questions during “off hours”—and what will happen if your treatment falls on a weekend.

Travel time

IVF cycles can require extensive monitoring—so if possible, choose one close to home or work.

Support services

Fertility treatment can be an emotional roller coaster. Ask if the clinic offers counseling or support groups to help you through it.

Insurance coverage

Many fertility clinics have financial specialists on staff who can help you figure out your insurance coverage for treatment and what your out-of-pocket cost may be. Find out if yours does.

Success rates

These depend on many different factors. You can learn more about the success rates of a clinic near you.

Get ready for your appointment

We want to help you feel ready for your first appointment—whether it’s in-person or virtual! Download our guide and we’ll let you know what to expect, how to prepare, and questions to ask your fertility specialist.

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