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Dealing with fertility challenges can be so hard. I’ve been there. But you’re not alone. 1 in 8 couples struggle to get and stay pregnant. So, Fertility Out Loud is here to help. We’ll get you started by providing resources and guidance to help you take action and find a fertility specialist in your area.

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I know how hard this can be. I’ve been right where you are—going through some major ups and downs. I thought I’d be pregnant by the time I was 26, so when it didn’t happen right away, it was frustrating. Why wasn’t it working for us? And I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to make my first appointment with a fertility specialist because I was scared I might get bad news. But I made the appointment anyway and talked to my doctor. It was pretty nerve-racking getting through the initial testing, but getting some answers gave me a sense of relief because it meant I could finally move forward with a plan. And I was determined, because I always knew I’d be a mom one way or another—John and I would just have to work harder at making it happen. I won’t lie, the IVF process wasn’t easy, and when our first transfer didn’t work, we were devastated. But we kept going, and it eventually led to Luna and Miles.

If you know me, you know I’m an open book. So, I started talking about my experience. And once I opened up, so many people around me did too. Hearing their stories gave me hope. And after we lost our son Jack when I was 20 weeks pregnant, the fertility community really rallied around me and my family. So, that’s why I’m here, to be a friend. To give back that support and hope to other people going through this. To let you know that it’s okay to overshare or not share at all—open up to strangers or to close friends. It’s OKAY to FEEL what you are feeling. And I’ll be here to use my voice and help you find yours. Because to me, being “out loud” about fertility isn’t just about speaking out for those struggling, it’s also about living your journey, authentically, whichever way you choose.

So, remember that even through all the highs and lows, you’re not alone. You CAN do this, and we’ll be here to help along the way.

XO, Chrissy

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