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My Fertility Journey: Finally Bringing Home Baby

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John and I are thrilled to share that after four and a half years of waiting and ten grueling rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF), Baby Baxmeyer will FINALLY be here in April!

We started trying to expand our family in 2018 and after an early loss, we had radio silence for another year and a half.

At that point, we decided we needed help. I was diagnosed with an incredibly rare genetic condition called smooth endoplasmic reticulum clusters (sERCs) on top of adenomyosis that makes it nearly statistically impossible for me to have children of my own, which we didn’t learn until after our fifth round of IVF.

Of the ten rounds of IVF, only three yielded any positive results. We faced two failed transfers, half a dozen diagnostic procedures, three rounds of platelet-rich plasma injections (for which we traveled to Nevada and New York City), two clinics, eight second opinions, nearly seven hundred injections for a huge myriad of reasons, a total shift in lifestyle, and thousands of supplements, all on top of the massive mental and emotional trauma we had to withstand.

This summer, we decided our tenth round would be our last shot at a child with both of our genetics. We’d processed moving on to the next step, which would have been building our family with the help of another.

However, to our absolute shock, the single embryo we got from round ten has grown into Baby Baxmeyer! Our sweet little one is our miracle, and we are so grateful they’re on their way!

Our sweet little one is our miracle, and we are so
grateful they’re on their way!

Even though we did spend a lot in additional treatments, I seriously doubt we would be here if it wasn’t for our healthcare in this state. I thank my lucky stars I live in Illinois and have insurance coverage for the majority of our medical expenses.

I am the 1 in 4 to have experienced a loss of a child before they’re born. I’m also the 1 in 8 to have had trouble building our family. If you’re reading this, you likely know someone aside from me who has struggled or is struggling to bring home their little one.

Also, if you yourself are going through infertility, know you are not alone. I am here for you. I understand the indescribable pain of not getting to plan your family as you intended. I understand the heartache of watching everyone pass you by as you fight every day to become a parent, and that it is always on your mind.

This is hands down the hardest thing John and I have ever gone through. We are eternally grateful to our friends and family who have been our backbone through the last few years. This is impossible to do alone. Here’s to our miracle finally coming home. We love you so much, little Chicken Nugget!

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