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Courtney and Roy’s Fertility Journey: Embracing the Next Chapter

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who met a boy. Their connection was instant, and after 3 years of courting, they were engaged!

A year later they were married—it was the happiest day of their lives. On that day, in 2014, they stood before each other, hand in hand, full of hope!

Standing there so full of promise, they didn’t know the magnitude of the battle they’d meet head on or that the challenges they’d face would last for years. Perhaps it was precisely that unwavering, naïve love for one another that carried them.

After a year of marriage, they bought a home and the girl was so happy! She was checking off every life goal she had ever dreamed of for herself, and they soon decided they were ready to grow their family.

A year went by.

The girl began to get worried. She decided to seek out her doctor’s help and they assured her that she was healthy.

But another year went by.

Her doctor referred her to a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist). The girl endured test after test that left the specialist with no answers, but the fertility specialist was confident that she would be holding a baby in no time—maybe she just needed a little help.

But the baby didn’t come.

Year after year, the girl endured tests, procedures, and surgeries that yielded no answers. Her diagnosis was unexplained infertility.

This battle was the hardest battle of their lives so far.

This battle was the hardest battle of their lives so far. Their marriage took hits from frustration, doubt, and fear. They watched as friends and family welcomed new babies so easily and so effortlessly. While the girl and the boy were happy, and showed up for them without fail, they were battered and bruised from the weight of their own battle.

In case you’re wondering how this story ends, it hasn’t yet. After one surprise natural pregnancy that ended in a loss, and one pregnancy from a procedure that also ended in loss, the boy and girl are still waiting on those babies.

After 6½ years of failed treatments, they began 2022 with renewed hope and the start of in vitro fertilization (IVF). While the end of this story is not yet known, what is known is that the boy and the girl are still standing hand in hand. They still love each other so much. That boy would still give the moon and stars to his bride. And she still knows that. They will love each other so much and regardless of the outcome, it will be a beautiful one.

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