Fertility Out Loud | Talking to Your Benefits Provider

Questions to Ask to Get the Answers You Need

You’ve set a time to call your insurance benefits provider or meet with your employer’s benefits coordinator, and that’s an important first step. But getting all the information you need to decide the best way forward for you starts with asking the right questions—like these.

  1. Does my plan cover telehealth appointments?
  2. Does my plan cover fertility treatments?
  3. If my plan doesn’t cover fertility treatments, is there another plan I can switch to that provides those benefits?
  4. What are the specific procedures and treatments covered by my health plan?
  5. What are the restrictions or limits to the benefits offered by my health plan?
  6. Is there a deductible I have to meet first?
  7. Is there a maximum benefit amount?
  8. Am I required to try certain treatments, like IUI, before proceeding to other options?
  9. Do I need a referral from my doctor before I can get coverage?
  10. Are there any cost-saving or financing programs that I am eligible for?
  11. Whom should I contact if I have questions or problems?
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